How to Keep Newborn Baby Kittens Warm

How to Keep Newborn Baby Kittens Warm

If you're taking care of a litter of tiny and helpless newborn kittens, the goal is to keep all of the wee ones as comfortable and warm as possible, as chilling can sometimes lead to very harmful consequences. Instead of feeling the pressure, work on warming things up -- stat.

Step 1

Use a hot water bottle. Wrap the bottle snugly in a towel to ensure that the bottle doesn't get too warm. Put it right next to the little one so she can feel the soothing heat. Newborn kittens are used to spending the vast majority of their time cuddled right up next to their mama. When they are away from her, they lose the ability to keep up their body temperature -- a possibly very dangerous situation.

Step 2

Try a heating pad. Place one of these handy items inside of a box below the kittens' bedding. Always have a blanket or towel separating the kittens' bodies away from the heating pad, to be safe. Set the pad to the minimum heat setting -- never go any higher. If you're unsure about settings, talk to your veterinarian about appropriate and safe temperature options.

Step 3

Allow the kittens some space to move away from the heat sources, whether a heating pad or a hot water bottle. Make sure that your kittens have sufficient space to comfortably get away from the heat if they start feeling too toasty.



  • If you discover a litter of abandoned kittens outdoors in the cold, think quickly in order to prevent chilling. Put the kitties in below your sweater, jacket or coat. Your underarm area can serve as a brief incubator until you can bring the little ones into the veterinarian. Always seek medical attention without hesitation in these critical situations.


  • Chilling can lead to some very dangerous health situations in kittens, so always be very careful. If a kitten's body temperature drops dramatically, she could get hypothermia. In the event of possible hypothermia, seek emergency veterinarian attention immediately. When it comes to the safety of young kittens, never dillydally. It's serious business.

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